Granulated Kalk
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Granulated Kalk

Granulert Kalk is made of finely ground marble 0-0.1 mm (97-99%) and bentonite (0-3%). The marble from Visnes is a coarse-crystalline mineralogy of Ordovic-Silurian Age (about 400-500 million years). The marble is mainly consisting of carbonate. The pellets (Granulart) are dried to a moisture level (2-3% water). Granules are easily dissolved in water and provide effective and rapid pH increase in soil.
Registered at (Mattilsynet):
ACC. Drinking water regulation (Drikkevannsforskriften) av
Norwegian Food Safety Authority 30.des.2016 nr. 1372, §15.
Approval date 21.06.2017 by Statens Næringsmiddeltilsyn

Product: Granulat
Declare main components: NV (Neutralizing value e. A.2.2): 98.5
Acid insolubility: 1-3%
Other component: Calcium (Ca): 39%
Magnesium (Mg): less than 0.5%


Sorting grad (d50/d10): 1.54
Trace element:

Density: 1.3-1.4 kg/dm3
Delivery method: Big bags (1000 kg) and pallet (1050 kg)
Using areas: Granulat (marble pellet) is a dust-reduced that is easily spreadable on agriculture, horticulture, park and forestry.
Storage: Pallet products: Indoor.
Big Bags product: Indoor. Make sure that plastic packaging is not damaged!
Safety Instructions: The type of product emits small amounts of dust during dispersion. Dust from marble will be able to swirls during handling but does not pose any direct health hazard, it is recommended to wear safety goggles and dust masks.


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