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Tech Mineral’s Kaolin grades classified into three main groups. Ball Kaolins (Clays), Hydrous Kaolins and Calcined Kaolins. Kaolin (China Clay) is nearly White in colour derived from mineral Kaolinite. Chemical Formula is composed from clusters of Al2O3.2H2O.2H2O

Technical Specifications

  • Specific Gravity – 2,6
  • Aspect Ratio (Average) – 8/1 – 100/1 – 20/1
  • Refractive Index – 1,56
  • MOHS Hardness – 2,5
  • Solubility in Water – NO
  • Inert Against Acids

Natural Kaolins also classified in two main groups, primary and secondary as a raw material. Primary kaolins are found naturally where they exist. Secondary Kaolins are washed and deposited away from primary kaolins. Lower impurities and high brightness are main parameters to differentiate secondary kaolins from primary kaolins. Selected and washed secondary kaolins are used to produce hydrous kaolins on industrial scale.

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